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Multi-Sharp Sharpeners

Image Description Price  
Diamond Hand Tool Sharpener Diamond Hand Tool Sharpener
Product Code: HPMS3500
Description: Haron - Multi-Sharp Diamond Hand Tool Sharpener with 3 Sharpening Profiles .…
4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener 4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener
Product Code: HPMS1501
Description: Haron - Multi-Sharp 4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener Scyths, Loppers, Shears & Scissors…
Rotary Sharpener Rotary Sharpener
Product Code: HPMS1301
Description: Haron - Multi-Sharp Rotary Sharpener Spades, Garden Tools, Hoes and Edgers.…

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